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Ejaculation Guru Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

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Product Name: Ejaculation Guru
Author/Creator: Jack Grave
Price: $49.00
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: http://ejaculationguru.com

The evolution of sex from an activity undertaken solely for procreation to one where more people, if not, all engage in for the pleasure, comes with many expectations on performance. The former purpose, which is somehow still engraved in the functionality of men, is one of the leading causes of premature ejaculation.

As this is a vastly spread problem in today’s world, there have been numerous developments geared towards finding a solution for PE and allowing men to last longer in bed. Ejaculation Guru is one of the leading solutions in the market due to its craftiness when it comes to dealing with the issue.

What is the Ejaculation Guru?

There are many problems that one might face in their sexual life. PE, like any other sexual-related challenge, affects not only the person experiencing it but also those they are having sex with. This means that if one ignores the issue, it might flow into the health of your relationship.

For some people, lack of satisfaction leads to infidelity, which is one of the leading causes of divorces. Having gone through it, Jack developed this guide with first-hand understanding the impact of lasting a few seconds in bed can do.

Thus, in the 93-page guide, he talks about the building blocks that contribute or affect one’s performance in bed, and how long one lasts affects the quality of experience their partner has. Aspects such as arousal control, reconditioning, and counter-intuitive thrusting makes up part of the solution to PE. Some other things he talks about include;

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1. Myths and truths on masturbation – the body’s conditioning is a leading contributor to how one performs. During masturbation, one might feed their body, muscles, brain, and penis to ejaculate fast, and this affects intercourse.

The discussion on tips and strategies that can help increase longevity during sex includes the dissection of masturbation techniques and how you can build resistance to fast ejaculation by implementing what is in the Ejaculation Guru.

2. Physical and Psychological factors – Jack talks about how things such as performance anxiety impact one’s sex life. In the guide, he discusses how great foreplay sets one up for intercourse and reduces the amount of time one’s partner needs before reaching orgasm.

Once this huddle is overcome, it reduces anxiety. He also points out that confidence, awareness of one’s arousal level, breathing techniques are some of the areas to focus on when building on stamina.

The guide is comprehensive, and it discusses these factors from a professional stance. After telling people about the causes he identified for his PE, Jack also gives access to the route he took to find the solution. The mastery of his advice is the first step. The second one is implementing and integrating what he says.

The Ejaculation Guru is keen on helping users through the gradual improvement of their sex life and thus points out the need to set realistic goals. In most of the reviews received, users talk of a noticeable increase in the amount of time they last in bed, but they also acknowledge that there is still room for growth.

Meet the Creator

This step by step guide is the brainchild of Jack Grave, a best-selling author, researcher for natural and penis health, and sex advisor. His work in this program focus on highlighting the things he learned in his journey from lasting 30 seconds in bed to over 30 minutes.

Jack acknowledged he had the responsibility to fix a problem that wasn’t his fault. As a result, he compiled information and created a gem helpful to those dealing with PE and their partners.

Access Bonuses

All this information provided in the guide works towards understanding one’s body, that of their partner, and how to use the knowledge to navigate sex. Therefore, it covers various bases in different ways.

Once you gain access to the guide by adding the eBook to cart and filling your information, you gain access to the members’ area where you get to download it and the following bonuses;

1. Information on increasing stamina rapidly.

2. How to last longer during foreplay and the advantages of it.

3. Becoming a pro at oral sex and how to achieve multiple orgasms from it.

4. 101 sex tips that she’ll go wild for (a book by Lloyd Lester)

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Benefits of Ejaculation Guru

The conversation surrounding this book highlights some of the problems it helps solve and in what way users are finding it beneficial. Some of the things that you will hear on repeat include the;

1. Affordability – most PE solutions, such as therapy, pills, sprays, and creams, cost a lot in the long run. Also, the guide and bonuses are going for $49 on offer for users who sign up now, and $226 for those who miss the promotion makes it an enticing deal.

Once one makes a purchase, they are done paying for tips and strategies they will use for the rest of their lives.

2. Lack of side effects – chemical solutions often come with repercussions for some users, with some being as severe as loss of vision. Since this guide is 100% natural, one doesn’t have to worry about future challenges.

3. 100% money-back guarantee – within six months if the guide doesn’t work for whatever reason. Jack Grave includes a stipulation that if a user wants a return on the purchase, they do not need to explain themselves.

The money is refunded, hassle-free. This is ideal since although the Ejaculation Guru continues to receive positive feedback, it is essential to acknowledge that it might not work for some people.

4. Discretion – the charge on your bill registers a name that will not spike conversation, especially if other people shouldn’t know what one purchased. Furthermore, the idea of data security is well-thought-out, and any information provided goes through secure encryption software.

Where you can buy Ejaculation Guru?

Ejaculation Guru is available on the official website, http://ejaculationguru.com.

Is it a scam?

When it comes to PE, hushed conversations are a significant barrier to finding credible solutions. This is because there is minimal information on the issue, or that which is accessible is misinformation.

In Ejaculation Guru, Jack Grave counters this by not only creating an information source but also placing himself at the center of his work.

His evident relatability to what PE does allows users to trust the information he provides. Those affected by PE, both directly and indirectly, express the success of implementing the techniques presented in the book.

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